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Protective film adhesive residue problem solving

2015-08-17 Hits:5829
No glue residue protective tape surface protective film aluminum protective tape
The company's leading product (strippable protective plastic film) has a strong anti-aging, easy to paste, easy to peel, no pollution. Protection is mainly used for aluminum, steel, stainless steel, household appliances, decorative materials, glass curtain wall, color steel plate, mirror panels, solar panels and other low viscosity product surface protection film black and white film, Kunshan Aluminum black aluminum protective film PE transparent protective film , PE blue protective film, viscosity
PE black and white film surface protection film protective film substrate without adhesive residue: 100% new raw material PE film; high quality resin adhesives
Sticky protective film thickness: 0.02mm to 0.15mm Width: 1610mm above 180 ° peel strength: 68g / cm ± 10g / cm temperature resistance: 60 ℃ / 12 Xiaoshi Applications: blood special high viscosity of low viscosity adhesive protective film , good adhesive properties, suitable for fine grinding aluminum, fine matte aluminum, aluminum coating,
Electrophoresis aluminum, frosted ceiling, artificial marble, steel profiles and other products

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