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Stainless steel protective film

2015-08-17 Hits:4546
We offer a variety of protective film material, applied to various fields. Stainless steel protective film for stainless steel material is a protective effect in many places can play a role to protect the surface, the biggest role is non-slip scratch resistant, prevents dirty substance inside etc. In addition, stainless steel is also not not rust, so protective film will be used to extend its oxidation. However, when using stainless steel, is how to correct it? Ming strong following for everyone to explain the proper use of its steps:
1, the balance of the tear film protection
Stainless steel protective film has a good variety, big and small, need to balance when using tear protective film, in order to ensure uniformity of the protective film. In the tear film protection in the process, just like a thin layer of paper, if uneven tear, then it is easy to break or lose low viscosity protective film, thin in some places will pull the like.
2, attached to the stainless steel Merak
Do not be too much tear, tear it as much, attached to the stainless steel, then Merak would stick it on the stainless steel, do not hand to press the period, touch and so on.
3, fixed protective film
When the stainless steel protective film is completely wrapped, how you fixed it? Here are a few ways, one, at the end of the protective film forced by a few; two, with a transparent adhesive to live.
These are the steps to use stainless steel protective film. Correct use of protection is the best choice for long-term use of the film.

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