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Need to pay attention to what to buy protective film

2015-08-17 Hits:3583
Protective film, there are many types, and its adhesive surface protection film also have a variety of protective film, thus protecting film properties and strength of various brands of various
Excerpts: need to consider and protect the microporous film surface adhesive points to be adhesive material.
Kind of protective film there are many, and the surface of the adhesive protective film protective film also have a wide variety, so the performance of the protective film and the intensity of each of the different brands, so when purchasing a protective film needs to consider several factors :
The adhesive composition to be microporous: as a result of the protective film adhesive effect, in that the water surface protective film adhesive protective film after the glue dries quickly penetrate inside the adhesive was leaving to become adhesive protective film part of the material, and therefore is seeking microporous adhesive surface protection film for selection is very important, if more cargo is hygroscopic microporous larger force, must be used adhesive protective film quickly condensed, otherwise use coagulation slower protective film or protective film more adhesive contains.
Adhesive surface protection film: protective film manufacturers at the end coated with adhesive, usually in order to fully dry after a roll, if it is too wet sticky protective film protective film itself will stick together very tight, use when difficult to open, and some simply can not be used.

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