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Protective film products have been further developed and improved, it plays an important role

2015-08-17 Hits:6887
Plastic packaging materials, 46% increase in market demand for thin film materials largest, accounting for the total amount of plastic packaging material. Plastic packaging film include: heat shrinkable packaging film, wrapping film, aseptic food packaging film, fruit and vegetable wrap, liquid packaging films.
As China plastic film industry to continuously improve the level of equipment, and some have reached the advanced level of developed countries, the emergence of a number of new products, such as biaxially oriented film substrate composite packaging not only overcome the long-term imports of the situation, and now also exports 30 million tons per year, worth over 30 billion dollars. Number on the size of packaging film manufacturer of rapid development, has now reached 2240, where the emergence of a group of industry leaders, plays an important role in the industry.
The national economy at a higher rate, the national central China, Guanzhong Economic Belt, western development in Xinjiang, the gradual implementation of the revitalization of northeast old industrial base and a series of development strategies, home appliances, building materials, appliances, high-speed highway transportation infrastructure , urbanization, 2011 the State Council document No. intensify the implementation of water conservancy facilities and a series of policies, will pull the Midwest, Northeast economic development of undeveloped areas. Plastics industry as a service industry supporting all aspects of the national economy, will be further developed and enhanced.
Although the protective film can be effectively stripped but the profile surface protection film performance remains with the words, the problem often occurs on some of the low-grade protection film products, this is because the protective film at the time between the protected sections and binding, the case a suitable environment sunlight moisture, etc., and play a role in one compound, this compound effect there is no good way to avoid, because it does not reproduce the rules can be found, so for now this problem has not yet good way to avoid raw!
Protective film peeling difficult when product profiles installed by peeling the protective film can not be effectively stripped, the reason there are two possibilities, one protective film products used in sensitive adhesive protective film is not special sensitive adhesive, if that is the case, protective film when pasting of course is very good, but when you peel it will be very difficult, and this is some illegal protective film manufacturer, with the most common problems of the protective film produced, there is a possibility that the mother of the protective film material used with too soft and can not withstand tension during peeling, breakage occurs at the time of peeling, this way, the user very difficult problem.
Protective film in use for some time after the middle of the performance is good, but from the wing ends, this phenomenon is mainly due to the protective film and the protection profiles pasting process, its large degree of stretching in the post well after the case high-temperature environment, there has been unnecessary retraction phenomenon, the problem often seen on the customer's product in the South, so the protective film in the production process through the influence of environmental temperature should be noted on the product brought to avoid unnecessary pasting process surface stretching.

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